Bursary Winners

The winner of the Palmer McNeil Bursary is Farouk Shoukry

The winner of the Credit Valley Civitan Club Bursary is Paige Thompson

The winner of the William Murphy Bursary is Chelsea Massel


A donation was made to the West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped to assist in the purchase of a new washer and dryer

A donation was made to Best Buddies Don Mills to allow the graduates to go to the prom

Ryerson School of Disability Studies Awards Ceremony

Past Chairman Fred Chalk addressing Ryerson School of Disability Studies Awards Ceremony

Past Chair Fred Chalk presenting bursary to Somona Gupta

Past Chair Fred Chalk presenting bursary to Maria Teresa Larrain

2011 International Convention Presentations

The William Murphy Bursary was presented to Matthew Pendelton, Junior International President, at the Civitan International Convention in New Orleans in July

Trustee/Treasurer Sue Gibson presenting Matthew with the cheque forwarded to his school for the William Murphy Bursary

Bursary Winners

Aliyah Mohamed
- Palmer-McNeil Memorial Bursary

Kylie Witltsie
- Richard Ivens Bursary

Robert Venema
- Credit Valley Civitan Club Bursary

Trustees lunch after Board Meeting

Trustee Willa presents a cheque to Executive Director Mike Murphy and Administrative Assistant Laura Allen at Independent Living

Appreciation Plaque

Training Lab

Trustee Lyle presents Agincourt Civitan's Past President Mark Latremouille with a Century Award

Bursary Winners

Rachael Gardiner
- Palmer McNeil Memorial Bursary

Aliyah Mohamed
- Richard Ivens Bursary

Margaret Sawatzky
- William L. Murphy Bursary

Civitan International Research Center Fellow

Retiring Chairman and CEO of the Foundation Fred W. Chalk on behalf of the
Civitan International Foundation of Canada received a Fellow from
The Civitan International Research Center presented by International President-Elect Mark Eisinger.

International Fellow

Bob Evans receives International Fellow Award
International Director and long time Trustee of the CIFOC Bob Evans receives an International Fellow
at the Region 5 Convention in 2009.

Fred is presented with the Civitan of the Year Award from Candian District West by
Immediate Past Governor Anita Pereira.

Ryerson Award Winners

Rosemary Florence with Chairman Fred Chalk

Tracy Matte with Chairman Fred Chalk

Bursary Winners

Ashley Robinson
- William L. Murphy Bursary

Leah Easterling
- Richard Ivens Bursary

Trustees & Guests at July 26th Meeting in Belleville
July 26th Meeting in Belleville
Bursary Winners

Kathleen Cull
- Palmer/McNeil Bursary

Andrea Kocsis - William L. Murphy Bursary

Julie Kocsis - Richard Ivens Bursary

Ryerson award winners

Diana Calloro and Wendy Bailey

Diana Calloro

Wendy Bailey

Their Logo

Palmer/McNeil Memorial Bursary

Laura Hopkins